Southern Computer Services Ltd has adopted a very unique but thoroughly proven approach to mass deployment.

We specialise in managing and delivering rapid, large-scale, complex deployments by utilising proven processes and procedures as well as providing centralised technical and operational support.

Having identified a clear set of activities which are subsequently used to formulate the countdown and cutover plans, every individual task is assigned to an owner who will ‘Confirm’ when an activity is complete - this is usually done via the intranet.

Activities which have not been confirmed within an assigned time frame will be highlighted either via a report or a dashboard/visualisation screen.

The key to our success is our ability to efficiently manage by exception. The use of technology, on-line tools and reporting allows the vast number of concurrent activities, generated by a mass deployment, to be actively managed.

By quickly and efficiently filtering confirmed activities, energies can be used to focus on resolving issues immediately as they occur and not simply ensuring that activities have been completed.

Our approach has been used to assist with the programme planning, tracking and deployment of hardware and software releases into some of the most complex retail store estates.

To date we have managed approximately 250,000 individual countdown activities and conversion checkpoints.

We have also managed approximately 22,000 issues to conclusion.

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