We have been a key component on a record-breaking project to re-platform the whole retail infrastructure of a top three Retail chain. Our role involved:

  • Server installation, server setup, configuration and installation
  • Installing and configuring standalone and network printers
  • Desktop Installation
  • POS Installation (Back Office & Front Of House)

For each store, months of planning, preparation, organisation and user training typically culminates in a single night when data is migrated, legacy systems are removed, new systems installed and the store is set live.

Modern trading patterns dictate that the short store closure window on offer requires military precision and execution to ensure that trade is not lost. To achieve this and ensure that the process is managed adequately, regular Go/No go decision points ensure that regression was always possible and that NO trading time was ever lost.

In the example outlined, the Back Office and Front Office upgrade of some 700 Retail Outlets throughout the UK with an average of thirty five trading positions per site. It was achieved in under a year with virtually no disruption to trade!

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